The 2000s

  • In much of the 2000s, USTPA saw mostly solo efforts being made by some individuals (like the Maharaja of Dunlod, HE Raghuvendra Pratap Singh) to promote tent pegging in the USA. Tent pegging pioneers from the EFI also provided much encouragement to export tent pegging to the US. Also, HE Prince Malik Ata Khan, the icon of modern-day tent pegging, supported the formation of USTPA in the early days. All of their thrust was to establish a US tent pegging team so that the USA could be represented on the international front.

The mid-2000s

  • Among many of its efforts, USTPA concentrated to liaison with international trainers.
  • The United States Tent Pegging Association (USTPA) was officially formed by Ahmed H. Zubair as the governing body for the equestrian sport of tent pegging in the United States in 2005 (USTPA was later registered in 2009, patented in 2011, and registered with NYS Department of Corporations in 2015).


Equesterian Fedradion


  • In the quest to foster friendly sports ties on the international front, in the capacity of EAUP Vice President Development North America, Ahmed H. Zubair approached the USEF and sought its support in putting together a US team that could compete in the upcoming 2010 Tent Pegging Championship in India. This proved to be an uphill task as tent pegging is not a discipline that USEF is formed to promote. Though all the moral support came in from USEF, USTPA was not able to perform as a team—but was invited to participate in the event’s training and clinics.


  • USTPA participated in tent pegging clinics on the sidelines of the 2010 World Tent Pegging Championship in India; USTPA founder, Ahmed H. Zubair, officiated as one of the judges.


  • Ahmed H. Zubair introduced the sport of tent pegging to the US while playing polo in Tinicum Park Polo Club in NJ. Tent pegging efforts were encouraged by the polo coach and founder.
  • As most of the steeds were specifically dedicated for polo and the polo season was limited, the much-needed training could not be afforded for the polo mounts. Unbeknownst then, two female polo players,
  • Dr Rebecca Linke and Michele Marden (nee: Simonet), from this very club went on to play in international championships in India and South Africa for team USA in 2015. Endeavours here proved to be sweet home runs later!


  • USPTA went to again attend overseas clinics in 2012. USTPA made history in 2013! USTPA participated in the 2013 World Equestrian Tent Pegging Championship and put the USA on the world Tent Pegging map for the first time in history.
  • During the conclusion, this world championship, the World Tent Pegging Federation (WTPF) [now the International Tent Pegging Federation (ITPF)] was founded with USTPA being one of its founding member countries.

2015 February

  • USTPA formerly joined USEF as a member of the organization.

2015 March

  • USTPA was officially invited by Equestrian Federation of India (EFI) and participated in the 2015 Asian & International Equestrian Tent Pegging Championship with its first-ever home-trained team of US citizens, including Dr Rebecca Linke–the FIRST American woman to tent peg internationally.

2015 August

  • USTPA competed with a FULL capacity team of US players (a combined team of men and women) in the International Tent Pegging Federation (ITPF) Championship in South Africa and went on to win the FIRST Silver Medal for the USA.


  • Reorganized and re-calibrated to best meet the American horse riders’ demands and face the domestic challenges of aligning resources and coordination.


  • Concentration on training and organizing at the US domestic level.

2018, 2019, & 2020

  • Concentration on training horses and new riders, further organizing the grassroots level, and purchasing property for the furtherance of the USTPA.

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